Existenz.ch data APIs

Documentation still incomplete, contact me on cstuder@existenz.ch for questions. (July 2018)

These APIs are free for public usage, lovingly handcrafted by Christian Studer (Bureau für digitale Existenz). There is no guarantee of availability or top performance. They are actively monitored though.

Additional licencing restrictions may apply by the original data owner.

Feel free to use the APIs offered here. You are welcome to drop me a mail to cstuder@existenz.ch if you find them useful or need help.

For statistical purposes please add &app={your app name} and optionally add &version={your app version} to all of your requests.

Do you like data to be easily accessible? Consider joining Opendata.ch, the swiss section of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Table of contents

Time series APIs BAFU Hydrology API
SwissMetNet Weather Measurement API
Specialised APIs Aare.guru API
Legacy Aare API (Deprecated)

Time series APIs

Time series share a common API, consisting of four methods for accessing locations, parameters, the latest values and date ranges for historical values.

Base URL: https://api.existenz.ch/apiv1/{time series}/{method}?{options}&app={your app name}&={your app version}

Method Options Notes
locations - Returns all locations.
parameters - Returns all parameters.
latest locations, parameters, format Returns the latest measured values.
daterange locations, parameters, startdate, enddate, format Returns a date range of measurements, defaults to the last 24 hours.
Option Format Notes
Format Notes

BAFU Hydrology API

Periodicity: 10 minutes. TODO: Add locations list with map, parameters

SwissMetNet Weather Measurement API

Periodicity: 10 minutes. TODO: Add locations list with map, parameters

Specialised APIs

Both old and new.

Do you need your own API? The Bureau für digitale Existenz can help.

Aare.guru API

Please refer to aareguru.existenz.ch for the APIs used by the urban swimming website and app Aare.guru.

Legacy Aare API (Deprecated)

An old version of the BAFU Hydrology API is running on aare.schwumm.ch/api.


This being a hobbyist project,